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Last date of self harm: 8/25

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[detail]  Maiko from Miyagawa-cho being pulled by young men from their district in a float as part of the flower procession of Gion Matsuri, Yasaka Shrine.  Juky 24, 2006, Japan.  Text and photography by Melissa Rose Chasse on Flickr

I’m reading interview with the vampire right now and I’ve never been so giddy about reading a book. I’m sure it’s due to the fact that I’ve already seen the movie a thousand times over so I’m completely enamored with the book. I don’t know … I personally like seeing
the movie first and then reading the book. It’s still a magnificent book so far~

I didn’t go to school. I needed a personal day. I feel guilty for doing it but I couldn’t go into school a wreck.