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I think I’m gonna go back to bed. Will be back later


I remember seeing this short film a long time ago. Basically, this little machine sees a television with a pretty doll face. She wants to be just like what she sees on t.v, and changes her appearance. The standards get higher and higher (literally), but she tries earnestly.

You can see what happens in the end.This video leaves a powerful message about how our standards of beauty are too high and soon it becomes out of reach.

As one of the comments of the video says

"She was original but she died a copy."

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I literally just had the best rice ever and it put me in a food coma for almost 5 hours.
(It was egg fried rice with sliced shallots, bok choy, corn, and broccoli btw. It was yum~)

I kinda miss my red hair tbh. I’ve been dying it red for the past five years and honestly, I can’t part with it. It’s like my color. I know sounds weird but I just sort of identify with red hair. Which is the reason why I dyed it in the first place because I just don’t fit blonde hair. Especially light ash blonde. It just isn’t me.
And I don’t think pink is me either. As much as I love the color I feel like red expresses me more. I just feel like I embody red instead of pink no matter what I do or which I like.
I think I’m gonna go back to red. Screw the next dye job. I’m just gonna wash the rest of the pink out. Besides, considering how much we’d have to dye my hair to get the pink to stay because I’ve dyed my hair red for so long, it’s probably not worth the time.
I know this a really long post just about hair color but hair color means everything to me. It’s more self expression for me. And I don’t think I’ll ever dye my hair any color for the rest of my life. I’m sure you’re thinking, “she’ll change her mind” but for one, I’ve dyed my hair red for five years straight and I knew since I was 9 that red was my color and once I make up my mind like that it’ll stay for a long long time.

  • person: who is your favorite avenger?
  • me: Sasuke
  • person: what
  • me: what

An AU where for your entire life you’ve only seen black and white, until you receive the first touch from your soulmate and color blooms before your very eyes. The colors don’t stay when you’re alone, but when they’re there by your side and you’re touching? Everything is beautiful.


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In that moment the world stops spinning.


my sister wrote a paragraph about naruto back when she was in second grade and the teacher called my mom up to the school because my little sister misspelled a word and i memorized the entire thing when she brought it home