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her eyes were the colour of


5 Seconds Of Summer song asks

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Kiss me kiss me: have you had your first kiss?
Amnesia: what's one thing you wish you could forget?
Wrapped around your finger: what's one member of 5sos you would do absolutely ANYTHING for?
She looks so perfect: have a current crush? What are they like?
Long way home: have you ever avoided going home?
Gotta get out: where do you want to move in the future?
Good girls: have your parents ever caught you doing something you shouldn't have? What?
If you don't know: have you had your heartbroken?
18: are you over the age of 18 or under?
Voodoo doll: have you ever done something dumb for your crush and regret it?
Don't stop: do you plan on going to collage?
Rejects: are you considered "popular" ?
Everything I didn't say: do you regret not saying something you should have to someone? Why/what?
End up here: have you met someone you never thought that you would be in the situation you are now with them?
English love affair: have you ever had a one night stand?
Heartbreak girl: have you ever chased after someone but no matter what you couldn't get them?
Social casualty: have you ever been friends with someone but wanted them more than that and they were so oblivious?
Green light: have you ever wanted someone so bad you came on too strong?
I've got this friend: have you asked your crush questions about you or have a friend ask your crush out for you?
Over and over: played the same song for weeks because it reminded you of an ex relationship?
Try hard: have you ever changed yourself to get someone to like you?
The only reason: have you did something you didn't want to for someone else?
Wherever you are: have you had a long distance relationship?
Unpredictable: do you plan out your future or live day by day?
Heartache on the big screen: have you ever been embarrassed by your crush in front of everyone?
Disconnected: have you ever lost a relationship you really miss and want back?
Lost boy: have you had that one person get away that you want back and would do anything for them?
Too late: have you waited too long to fix, change or do something but there's nothing you can do at this point?